The NHT Factory Repair Center: The NHT Factory Service Center in Benicia California is the only authorized repair facility in North America for NHT for active speakers or electronics both in and out of warranty. In most cases customers can replace passive speaker and crossover components themselves and we can provide any assistance if needed. At your option, you may choose to use a 3rd party repair center to help you with an in-warranty or out of warranty repair. If you do so, we will do our best to assist them. Please understand, NHT will not guarantee any repairs made by, or be responsible for any fees charged by any 3rd party repair facility. The parts for your repair may or may not be under warranty. We recommend you check with NHT Customer Service at 1-800-648-9993 (follow the prompts) or register at and open a case in the "My Account" section to submit questions about warranty validation and out of warranty parts pricing.

Passive Speaker (Self) Repair: Rather than risk shipping damage most customers (at least those who are comfortable with a screwdriver) elect remove and replace the damaged or defective speaker components themselves. Speaker repairs in most cases are simple, only requiring removal and replacement of the non-working component. However we recommend that you contact us for assistance with problem diagnosis or replacement instructions before starting the repair. The process usually goes like this: We'll help you troubleshoot the problem. Our service agent will provide instructions for removing the faulty component and will sell you a factory authorized replacement. Please read our Limited Warranty below for what is and is not covered under warranty. If you believe the fault is the result of a manufacturing defect and are within the warranty period, you may request a warranty determination. We will issue you a return authorization with shipping instructions for the faulty speaker/component. We will inspect it and if the problem was caused by a manufacturing defect, we'll happily credit you back the cost of the replacement speaker. Under normal circumstances you are responsible for the shipping charges to the factory, if covered under the warranty then we will pay for the shipping of the new replacement part back to you.

Factory Repair In or Out of Warranty (all electronics including stand alone components, subwoofer internal amplifiers, powered speakers; or passive speaker repair): Any product returned to the factory must have an NHT Return Authorization Number (see Ordering/Requesting Repair Service below) or it will be refused at the warehouse. For subwoofers with built-in (plate) amplifiers, we ask that you remove the amplifier portion only and ship it to us for repair rather than risk shipping damage to the subwoofer cabinet - we do not carry replacement cabinets for discontinued models. For small powered speakers, it's best that you return the entire speaker to us. Let us know if you need a shipping carton, we can supply you with one in most cases. Repairs are done on a first come, first serve basis and our average turn-around time is less than 1 week. Out of warranty repair costs are charged at flat-rates: $ 40.00 for a simple speaker component replacement or for electrical inspection with no problem found. (If additional work is required, this fee is waived) $ 80.00 for inspection and minor repairs to electronics or more significant speaker damage repair. $125.00 more complicated electronics, board level repair, complete inspection and updates where needed. $165.00, older subwoofer plate amp (10 years +), major repairs, heat damage, complete inspection, overhaul, testing. $200.00 for modifications, board replacements or complex repairs (A-20, Power 2 or 5, Sub 1(i) or Sub 2(i) or VT-3 + their preamp-controller).

Ordering/Requesting Repair Service - U.S. and Canada Customers and Customers Who Purchased from or NHT Factory Direct (Store): 1. See below to determine your warranty eligibility, or not.2. Have your credit card, purchase receipt (if warranty), product model and serial number ready. Call us at 707-747-0122 (Mon. - Fri. 9 AM ~ 4:00 PM Pacific USA Time (California). Follow the voice prompts for Parts or Service/Repair. For Warranty Repairs, please be prepared to email a copy of your original purchase receipt.3. You will receive return authorization number and return shipping instructions by email. You are responsible for the shipping and insurance costs and proper packaging of your products. Please use the original cartons if you have them. Consider having a professional package and ship your products.4. Your product will be repaired and returned to you with a 90-day warranty on the repair. If we find additional problems or complications you will be contacted immediately.

International Customers (except Canada) - In and Out of Warranty Repair Go here for Distributor located in or closest to your country.


We try to keep parts on hand for at least 7 years after a product is discontinued. Since we have been in business since 1987, that means we do not have some parts for some models. Your options are: 1) Find a model like yours on the used market ( or and use it for parts or, 2) Buy a new NHT speaker or, 3) Trade-in your speaker or subwoofers for new, improved models. 

How to order parts - North America:

Ordering or Requesting Parts: Please e-mail any part related inquiries to

All parts come with a 90-day warranty. 

How to get Parts - Outside North America: You might visit our International Distributor Locator to find NHT parts outside North America. If your country is not listed, you may purchase them from us directly.


If you need help for technical support, product recommendations, etc., please send us a note. We're happy to help. Be sure to include your telephone number(s) and the best time to reach you. Be as specific as possible about your needs, questions or problems. Have your NHT model numbers handy. Have your purchase receipt handy. We usually reply Monday - Friday within 24 hours (except for weekends) by either email or telephone depending on which is most efficient. Telephone technical support for systems, products and recommendations beyond the NHT speaker or amplifier products will be billed at $25 per 15 minute increments. Have your credit card handy.


Telephone: 800-648-9993