Register your purchase

NHT offers a generous limited warranty on all its product offerings. BE CAREFUL! From time to time, unauthorized dealers offer NHT products for sale on the Internet, at retail and via mail-order. NHT cannot guarantee or verify the quality, specification, source or validity of warranty of products sold by an un-authorized retailer. Please use our Where to Buy feature on this site to determine if your dealer or installer is supplied by NHT. If you have doubts or questions, please call our hotline at 800-648-9993 or contact us by email or fax.

Please note: If you purchased your products directly from, your products are automatically registered - no further action is required.

Register your products purchased from one of our authorized dealers one of two ways.

How to claim a warranty - Save your original receipt or provide a proof of sale from one of our authorized dealers (e.g. Amazon).


We can create a customer record for you, validate your warranty and store your receipt electronically for you. NHT only maintains customer records for 5 years after purchase date. If your receipt has other items listed on it, those will be saved as well at no charge. You may find this helpful down the road for warranty service or insurance.

Thank you and enjoy your new speakers!