ThreeC Center Channel Speaker

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The Classic Three C is the perfect center channel speaker for any of the speakers in the Classic Series. In addition to traditional center channel use, the ThreeC can be used as a left/center/right (LCR) speaker when a low profile solution is needed. The Classic Three C utilizes a 3-way design to ensure consistent tonality and detail anywhere in the room because acoustic dispersion is very wide in both the horizontal and vertical planes. Similar to most NHT speakers, the Classic Three C also utilizes acoustic suspension in order to provide a smooth, natural midrange. The same attention to construction is also applied to the Classic Three C to ensure its low distortion and sound loss. As such, the Three C is invaluable when searching for the right fit in a sound system.

System type
Center Channel Speaker

3-way, acoustic suspension design
Woofer – 2 x 6.5" anodized aluminum cone
Midrange – 1x 2” anodized aluminum dome 
Tweeter – 1x ¾” anodized aluminum dome

Cabinet Material
21mm MDF front baffle, others and internal braces 15mm

High Gloss Black Lacquer with 2 acrylic clear coats 

Power Handling

Frequency Response
73Hz - 20kHz 

Crossover Frequency
800 Hz, 3.2kHz 

Crossover Slopes 


8 ohms nominal, 5.1 ohms minimum

2 each nickel plated 5-way binding posts

Product Dimensions (H x W x D)
with rails: 7 5/8” x 21.875” x 8.25”
without rails: 7” 1/8” x 21.875” x 8.25”

Weight | Shipping Weight
23 lbs./10 kg each
| 25 lbs./10.5 kg each

Alan A.

ThreeC Center Channel Speaker

Holy Sh*t!!!


These have got to be, without a doubt, the best bang for your buck speakers on the market. I'm using 3s for my fronts, a 3C for the center and 2s for surrounds with a Classic 12 sub and all I can say is.....holy sh*t!!!!!Words just can't express how effing good these speakers are. Just buy 'em. You won't be disappointed, I promise. Oh, and just for fun, I go to audio dealers around town and listen to systems in their showroom. After hearing speakers costing many times the price of these, when the salesman asks me what I think, I like to tell him "Well, I've got NHTs at home.....". The look on his face is priceless. I always walk away smiling.

Bill B.

ThreeC Center Channel Speaker

The first in a series of purchases


The ThreeC was the first NHT speaker I purchased and what led me to replace all of my other speakers with.......more NHT speakers. This speaker does a great job of pulling the front stage together while anchoring the movie vocals with the best clarity/detail of any speaker I have heard. This speaker works in conjunction with (4) Absolute wall speakers and a B-12d, all driven by an Onkyo TX-NR818, to deliver the home theater experience I was looking for but missing all these years. Friends that hear it are amazed- Thanks NHT!

Matt M.

ThreeC Center Channel Speaker

Truly delivers the home theater experience


Installed behind a SeymourAV acoustically transparent screen and powered by an Emotiva XPA amp, movies truly come alive. Dynamic sounds such as gunshots are delivered with authority, but don't direct your attention to the center as with some other speakers - the soundstage is delivered very naturally. At the same time, vocals come through clearly, and for the first time I don't have to turn on subtitles for the hard of hearing watching with me. DO NOT skimp on the center, it is arguably THE most important part of any 5.1+ audio system ... movies often direct 50% or more of the sound to the center channel! If you only buy one NHT speaker for your home theater, make it this one. You will not be disappointed.

David E.

ThreeC Center Channel Speaker

Awesome Center


Ive been into music for about 37 years, i am a Dj for the pass 32yrs and became a audiophile about 20yrs now. Home Theatre systems i've heard a ton of them but the hardest sound to reproduce is the human voice the accuracy with which these speakers reproduce vocals with is uncanny walk in the house you swear the wife had company. Watch Ratatoulle and check the sceen in the sewer but don't get wet, or the water gushing in the ship i n master and Comander or the cannon discharge at 105db makes you catch a breath. I'm not ashamed i have one of the best sounding systems on this Island and i fly the NHT flag HIGH When NHT went to the CES show i think it was they used a Arcam player i now have one which connects to my Harmond Kardon via Discovery Cable Essence if you please i can hear Diana Krall piano keys hitting the felt on her piano no kidding NHT awesome and for the price. To beat the NHT sound one would have to spend 30% more and you would still b e miserable

rl r.

ThreeC Center Channel Speaker

Fantastic speakers


I am using the Three C for center & front speakers, and a Ten subwoofer. Three characteristics of these speakers stand out to me so far. First, the sound stage created by the speakers is truly amazing. Second, the way it renders the mid and high frequencies when listening to music. The sound I hear for guitars and brass is almost life-like, and without a hint of any harshness. Finally, the way the subwoofer blends in to provide deep bass. I can turn up up the volume high without the bass booming or drowning out the music, and turn the volume down and still feel the full bass without making any adjustments. One of my favorite concert videos is Music for Monsearrat, and it was a totally different listening experience with these speakers. I would highly recommend these speakers.

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