iC2-ARC In-Ceiling Speaker

Single Unit

The iC2-ARC is a modern, 3rd generation high-end in-ceiling speaker utilizing a number of unique technologies that work together to deliver an audio performance well beyond your expectations. Sold as single units rather than speaker pairs, iC2-ARC in-ceiling speakers can ideally be used for multi-room audio, as home theater speakers for any channel, in office commercial venues or anywhere you want affordable high-end sound hidden from view. Weather and moisture resistant materials make the iC2-ARC suitable for outdoor eventss, covered patios, and master bathrooms as well. The iC2-ARC features a beautiful, redesigned micro-perforated, bezel-less grill that attaches magnetically and reduces the installed footprint by almost 10% over its predecessor.

The iC2-ARC ceiling speaker technologies include NHT’s proprietary 3-tweeter array to deliver the widest, sound field currently available in any ceiling mount speaker. The 3-tweeter array is nested in the center of a long-throw 6.5” polypropylene woofer. These components are then assembled into the remarkable new Anti-Resonant Casting or ARC “monocoque” chassis and 3-tweeter array sub-assembly to provide unprecedented strength and a lifetime of durability while acoustically reducing frame vibrations – “distortions” - to inaudible levels. Just before we install the speaker components, a smooth rubberized paint finish process is applied to the chassis that works together with ARC to help reduce surface vibrations that can blur the sound. The iC2-ARC is also an integrated, serviceable design and features a bezel-less grill/frame design (no exposed frame lip or wide trim ring around the grill) and the beautiful micro-perforated grill attaches and centers itself magnetically. Simply said, with over 25 years of acoustic design under our belt, the iC2-ARC is simply NHT’s best mid-size ceiling mount speaker to date.

For new construction (exposed ceilings joists), be sure to use the companion iCB6 pre-construction bracket that IS NOT used for retrofit application (existing structures).

System type
In Ceiling Speaker

2-way infinite baffle with patented three tweeter array

Woofer – 1 x 6.5" long throw aluminum cone
Tweeter – 3 x 1” soft dome tweeters

Chassis Material
ARC© - Anti-resonant casting

Matte White (paintable)

Recommended Power
10W/ch minimum, 100W/ch maximum

Frequency Response
63Hz - 20kHz

2.2kHz, 18dB/octave HP, 6dB/octave LP

86dB (2.83V at 1M)

8 ohms nominal, 5.7 ohms minimum

2 each professional grade, gold plated spring posts

Product Dimensions
Cutout Dimensions – 8.375" dia.
Bezel Dimensions – 9.44" dia.
Depth - 4 13/16"

Weight | Shipping Weight
4.8 lbs./2.2 kg | 6.2 lbs/2.8 kg

Packaged and Sold Individually

John T.

iC2-ARC In-Ceiling Speaker



I recommended these ceiling speakers to a painting customer of mine and he raved about them. I think I might get some of my own.

Tulsa C.

iC2-ARC In-Ceiling Speaker

Craftsmanship in ceiling speakers


This is a quality ceiling speaker choice. We didn't end up getting a dedicated subwoofer because a few of these on their own pack enough kick. My family is loving the new installation for our Monday movie night and taco Tuesday salsa music.

Claire B.

iC2-ARC In-Ceiling Speaker

Such Good Quality


These speakers have stood the test of time.  I recommend them to everyone as they produce quality sound for years.


bastien f.

iC2-ARC In-Ceiling Speaker

long lasting equipment and great performances


works well for me, i own them for several years now. great performances overall.

Steve S.

iC2-ARC In-Ceiling Speaker

Wish they still had these


I had this speaker years ago and loved it - it's a solid choice!