AiW-ARC - Absolute In-Wall Speaker

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The AiW-ARC is a high-performance, compact in-wall speaker that utilizes a number of NHT technologies in tandem to deliver sound quality well beyond your expectations. Sold as single units rather than speaker pairs, The AiW-ARC is NHT's companion in-wall mount speaker option to the flexible, award-winning Absolute Series speaker collection (i.e. the Absolute Tower, Absolute On-Wall, Absolute Center, and Absolute Zero). The Aiw-ARC works wonders on its own as well. Weather and moisture resistant materials make the AiW-ARC a candidate for outdoor venues, covered patios, and master bathrooms as well traditional placement around the house. The AiW-ARC features NHT's new micro-perforated, bezel-less grill that attaches magnetically and reduces the installed footprint by almost 30% over its predecessor, the iW1.

System type
In-wall Loudspeaker

2-Way Infinite Baffle

Woofer – 1 x 5.25” polypropylene cone
Tweeter – 1 x 1” aluminum dome

Cabinet Material
Weather resistant - one piece ARC (Anti-Resonant C3asting)

Rubberized Paint

Amplifier Power
10W/ch minimum, 100W/ch maximum

Frequency Response
60Hz - 20kHz (±3 dB)

2.4 kHz

Crossover Slopes
12dB/oct HP & LP


7.6 ohms nominal, 4.6 ohms minimum

HD nickel-plated spring-loaded type

Product Dimensions
10 inches x 7.25 inches

Depth behind the wall - 3.6 inches

Weight | Shipping Weight
4.36 lbs/1.98 kg | 5.4 lbs/2.45 kg

Packaged and Sold Individually

Solomon W.

AiW-ARC - Absolute In-Wall Speaker

Absolutely Fantastic


Installed these as my rears.  The look great with the thin bezel and shallow mounted grill.  My wife approves and says the wall looks a lot cleaner.  They took me about 15 min to install for each side including clean up. 

If you are hesitant or do not think you can install these yourself, do not worry, it was honestly easier than mounting a speaker on a wall mount.  

The sound is what I you can expect with NHT.  Sublime...  Every speaker I have owned from NHT has never disappointed including these!