iWF In-wall Acoustic Foam

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Acoustic Foam blocks for NHT iW1, iW2, iW3 and iW4 speakers. The NHT iWF also works with almost any other brand in-wall speakers. For use in 2 x 4 studded wall only. Dense acoustic foam that dampens vibrations and improves frequency response. Underwriters Laboratories (UL) flame class 94 HF-1 rated. One NHT iWF kit provides enough acoustic foam blocks for 2 speakers. The difference is remarkable!Legal: The NHT iWF acoustic foam insert kit is Underwriters Laboratories (UL) flame class 94 HF-1 rated. The foam material itself carries a UL fire number E105037. However, the foam as an enclosure has no UL file number. It is the users/buyers/installer's responsibil;ity to be aware of any state, city or local codes that may apply to this type of installation. NHT expressly disclaims and and all responsibility for improperly installed systems or claims arising out of such systems.

Kit contains foam blocks for 2 NHT in-wall speakers

Mike B.

iWF In-wall Acoustic Foam

Amazing difference!


It is amazing what a few pieces of specially designed foam can do to improve performance, stop vibrations and lower sound levels outside of the listening area! Bravo NHT, you've done it again!