Audioquest Evergreen R2R RCA-RCA

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The Audioquest Evergreen cable series is a great choice when connecting analog devices together. It is available with RCA(2) to RCA(2), RCA(2) to 3.5mm mini (also called 1/8" stereo or mini headphone), Mini to 30 pin iPod/iPad/iPhone connector, RCA(2) to 30 pin and mini to mini. This cable is NHT's choice for the best value cable Audioquest has to offer.

This analog cable has two RCA connectors on each end and is suitable for connecting a CD player to a receiver, a NHT PVC PC output to a subwoofer, a DVD player to a stereo receiver or a TV's audio output to a stereo or surround receiver. There are of course many other uses in this, the most popular cable configuration.

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Package contains 1 Evergreen analog audio RCA-RCA cable ( 2 x RCA on each end)Solid Long-Grain Copper (LGC) ConductorsDouble Balanced Asymmetrical Geometry (+ and - matching conductors with ground shield)Foamed-Polyethylene InsulationGold-plated RCA Plugs are cold weldedMetal-Layer NoiseDissipation System (NDS)