Audioquest Evergreen M2R Mini-RCA

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Evergreen is the perfect cable to play music from your cell phone or tablet on your stereo. It plugs into the headphone jack on your cell phone and any RCA left and right plugs on your stereo. We offer Evergreen with 3.5 stereo mini, RCA on either ends. This cable is the ubiquitous 2 RCA stereo plugs on one end and a 3.5mm mini on the other end. RCA's are also called phono plugs. 3.5mm are also called 1/8" and stereo mini.


iPod/iPad/iPhone to NHT's PVC PC RCA inputiPod/iPad/iPhone headphone to a receiver's front panel or rear AUX, EXT. or CD inputiPod/iPad/iPhone to a boom box aux input with RCAiPod/iPad/iPhone to powered speaker where both left and right inputs are on 1 speaker (not SuperPower)

Package contains one Evergreen M2R 3.5mm mini to 2 x RCA audio cableRCA connectors are cold weldedSolid Long Grain Copper (SLG) ConductorsAsymmetrical Double-Balanced (lower impedance on ground - same quality + & - conductorsFoamed Polyethylene InsulationBlack/Green Stripe PVCMetal-Layer Noise-Dissipation System