Audioquest SureGrip-BFA/Banana Set of 4 - Silver

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Use these Audioquest SureGrip BFA/Banana 4 pack of connectors to terminate both ends of a single speaker wire or to terminate one end or a pair of wires (then you use SureGrip Spades on the other end). These BFA connectors are Direct-Silver Plated (let us know if you prefer Gold) - there is no distortion causing layer of nickel underneath that is typical of less products. You get 4 in a package. They are very easy to use and includes the Allen wrench to screw the wire into the connector. Buy these when you buy bulk cable from us like Type-2, FLX-16/2 and FLX-14/2. We also offer Audioquest SureGrip-Spade in silver. You may want to terminate your bulk cable with SureGrip BFA/Banana's on one end and SureGrip-Spade's on the other end depending on which speaker and receiver or amplifier you are using. Both the SureGrip-BFA/Banana and SureGrip-Spade fit every NHT speaker that was ever made.

Qty: 4 (allows you to terminate 2 speaker wires) Material: Direct Plated Silver only Use With: Type-2, FLX-16/2, FLX-14/2 bulk cable or any other speaker wire. Fits: Standard banana jack or BFA Up to 9 awg wire