The Architect Series is NHT's collection of remarkable and invisible in-wall, in-ceiling and Outdoor speakers that are perfect for background, foreground, home theater and distributed audio in your home or business.

Like our in-room speakers, our built-in speakers offer the same high-quality components, rigorous testing and tuning and must pass through the same 100% quality-control process. Moreover, NHT's patented three tweeter array provides flat response up to 60 degrees off axis, which eliminates "hot-spots" and "not-spots". Architect models are also moisture and humidity resistant, and can thus be used on porches, lavatories, and even outdoor. Mounting is painless thanks to custom stainless steel screws that never strip and K9 ears that maintain grip for the duration of the installation. As such, Architect speakers offer the same high-end, not high price reputation that has kept NHT a favorite of musicians and engineers for over 25 years.